• Plan your investment on advanced. 
  • If for example you know would like to combine some services and products in the following months, instead of paying one by one, you can do a payment in advace and receive a gift of upto 27% of your purchase.
  • Our services are flexible and adjustable, you have the control always
  • With Matrix-Q Credits you are not limited to one single product or service
  • You can decide in any time what you want to use the Matrix-Q Credits for

Matrix-Q Credits are in-advance payments that gives you an additional discount

  • When you buy credits, you get tokens
  • Tokens are used in our ecosystem to trade for services and products
  • For example if you buy 297 Credits, price 297,00 EUR you get only 306 Tokens
  • But if you buy 49.997 Credits, in price 49.997,00 EUR you get 59.997 Tokens
  • With the Matrix-Q Tokens you can purchase any product available at the Matrix-Q Market Place 1 Token = 1,00 EUR

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