Play the Matrix-Q (DNA) AVATAR

LARP Live Action Role Play e-Game

A Learn-play program with group coaching included.

You will generate your own personal (private) Matrix-Q DNA and we will explain you how it can help you enhance your professional, private and business life, in particular your holistic ability to generate value, impact and wealth

Learn how to use the Matrix-Q DNA code for communication, collaboration, strategic management, innovation, learning, thinking, holistic living, circular design, and much more

  • The game is played online, via e-mail, WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, Telegram, Club-House, Slack or I-cloud.

  • The game is played asynchrone, ideal for a collective with members living at several time zones.

  • It is a serious game, designed to help you develop skills and learn how to use your individual Matrix-Q DNA code to enhance your holistic ability to generate value, impact and wealth

  • Players will win points and Matrix-Q Tokens they can use later to purchase coaching-training sessions & workshops (Tokens will add in a value up-to 997,00 EUR for each game level)

  • Players will receive indirect group coaching, and support, to discover several applications of the Matrix-Q DNA


  • Talents, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, impact-investors

  • You want to unleash your potential, optimize the strategic management of your personal, professional and business resources, knowledge, skills, experience

  • You want to enhance your holistic ability to generate value, impact and wealth

  • You want to earn Matrix-Q Tokens to use them later to trade for services and products provided by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem


Choose any of the following alternatives:

Schedule time with us for a remote Q&A Session - We want to introduce you to the Matrix-Q (DNA) Avatar e-Game  

Purchase Matrix-Q Trees-Credits and Plant trees together with us